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Schmetterlinge kaufen -

Our butterflies are grown and not collected in the wild.

In order not to endanger the local biodiversity we only provide indigenous species of butterflies. 

Butterflies are living creatures: we can only provide them in the warm seasons (from spring until autumn) – This is the ideal time of the year to release them and ensure their appropriate behaviour.


A tested system will ensure a safe delivery of the butterflies.

Our reccommendation is to release the butterflies outdoors with daylight, possibly around midday.

In order to obtain the most spectacular effect we reccommend you to release a large swarm with many butterflies.

A cloud of flying butterflies can be obtain already with 50 to 100 butterflies.

Butterfly-cloud: already with 50-100 butterflies

The prices depend on the quantity of the order, as shown in the chart above. For example, 50 white butteflies cost 275£ while 100 specimens cost only 465£. The price of one butterfly is reduced from 5,5£ to 4,65£ with orders above 99 specimens, and it is further reduced with orders above 199 specimens.

The butterflies are available in any desired quantity. The minimum order consists of 30 butterflies.