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Our Ethics

We take care of the butterflies in each step of their development -from the hatching process to the release of the fully-grown butterflies- under a protected and comfortable environment. We grow only indigenous species, that means they are naturally inhabiting the european territory and they are used to these climates.

We made the choice of not growing tropical butterflies that are big and colorful but do not survive long in europe and therefore have no chance to reproduce and put at risk the natural balance of the ecosystem. 


The spectacular european butterflies we offer will contribute to repopulate our gardens. In fact, due to the massive employment of pesticides, more than 30% of the butterflie population has disappeared and about 9% is at risk of extinction.

We treat our butterflies with the greatest care and respect. We do not freeze them at any stage and we do not store them in envelopes. We developed a system that not only give the butterflies no harm, but keeps them comfortable during transportation, by imitating particular conditions that naturally inhibit their activity (flying). Their condition during transportation in our special means is to be compared to that of people travelling together in a train or airplane. For this reason we ask our customers to be respectful and follow these simple rules:


  • make sure to follow all our instructions to the letter

  • never abandon the butterflies inside vehicles

  • do not release the butterflies indoors

  • do not release the butterflies after sunset or at unappropriate times of the year


In case these conditions are not accepted, we will not provide our butterflies.


The butterflies we provide are sustainably grown and are not collected in the wild. To be sustainable butterfly-releases (as for any living organism) require great scientific knowledge. Generally speaking, not all butterflies are appropriate for this activity without causing risks to the environment. Actually the conditions are so restrictive that only few species are eligible for this practice. Specifically, the butterflies to be released must follow these prerequisites:

  • It must not be an alien species (allochthonous)

  • It must be abundant in the region where the releases are performed

  • It must be a species with a high dispersion potential but preferably should not present specific migration routes.

  • The population genetic structure must be generally known and must not present remarkable difference from one population to the other in the release area.

  • They most come from a closed-cycle breeding and not from butterflies or caterpillars collected in the wild.

  • They must be certified pathogen-free, at least for the most common parasites (Microsporidian fungus, Baculoviridae, bacteria)


If your provider does not guarantee all the requirements listed above, it is preferable not to release those butterflies that could represent a danger to the local ecosystem.

We guarantee that all the butterflies we selected respect the sustainability and ethical requirements reported above.